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HEY. It's been forever, hasn't it?
byakuya *dandandan* tuti dance
I don't have much to type about I guess.

Regardless, I wanted to post about this on FB, but I don't think some of my family and one of my teachers wants to hear about me reading porn fanfics. xD

But it's this picture on deviantART. It's pretty much how I feel about writers who don't finish their fics.

But paying close attention to Byakuya's face in the first panel, he's blushing. And the way his hand is holding his chin like that. Annnd his serious-ish face. That's exactly what I look like when reading dirty stuff. xDDD

I'm just thinking if Byakuya actually did read fanfics with dirty bits, that is what he'd look like.

And I'd be spying on him whilst he reads them.

Also, I'm picking out stuff for my dad to get me for Christmas. The internet is my friend. =3
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It's been forever now since I've posted but...
tuti heart
This whole thing is full of husbands and bs, so w/e.Collapse )

Naruto Episode 219. I realize it's been out for a while now but...
itachi messin brainz

This is me. ^ Thought the whole episode. Except the opening song of course.

But still.
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itachi messin brainz

I don't even give two shits about Bleach.

NARUTO, on the other fucking hand, can just... suck my cock.

Gaara, shit. I cried too cause I was squealing so hard. He had that ugly ass grimace on his face for the past 50 panels he was in, thank fuck he finally cried.

Also, I noticed on the colored(yay!) title page that this chapter is called Naruto vs. Itachi...

Stupid bitch, they didn't even talk. Well, Naruto said Itachi's name. Woo. Real epic battle that was, considering he has a crow down his throat.

So yay. Itachi.

And no one gives a flying fuck about the other zombie ninjas that Gaara didn't kill. So don't even give them a fight. Just go back two chapters later and have them dead already and move the hell along.

And wtf is up with my Harry Potter obsession lately? Did Death Hallows 7.2 really fuck with my mind that hard? Apparently.

frodo smile hah
I have finished reading that of The Fellowship of the Ring. Well, re-reading.

Why is it so fucking epic? Just, urgh, no words to summarize this whole god damn book. Not to mention the next two I'm about to read.

So I've started on the The Two Towers. I've gotten as far as after Boromir died and Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli were gathering Orc shit to put in his boat.

Okay, but as I've said a few times, I keep the book in my bathroom to read when I'm in there. But at times I take it back into my bedroom to read some parts that I really favor.

And seeing as how I was but 4 pages away from finishing FotR, I took it to mah bedrooms. And since I'm in my bedroom, I always play the music that goes with scene. So since the last chapter was "The Breaking of the Fellowship" I played "The Road Goes Ever On Part 1" from the complete FotR soundtrack.

And GAH. Frodo and Sam are so FRIGGIN CUTE. Hobbits. ARE SO FRIGGIN CUTE. Srsly, they're like my favorite race. Hobbits. Hobbits. Hobbits. ♥♥♥

But I swear. The music. Half the time I can't even read because I can see the scene from the movie so clearly. And when it's the whole:

"I made a promise, Mr. Frodo. A promise. 'Don't you leave him, Samwise Gamgee.' And I don't mean to. I don't mean to."

"Oh Sam..."



SO CUTE. Geeze. Of course since it's a movie, they dramatize things, BUT IT'S STILL SO CUTE. fgsfds.

And then, as I said, I started a bit on The Two Towers. And since the first chapter is "The Departure of Boromir" I played from the soundtrack "The Departure of Boromir". Lmao. SO SAYD. And again, movie = dramatics. It's not as sad in the book when Boromir dies, imo. :/ Maybe it's cause Sean Bean was hawt and whenever I read LotR, I see Bakshi characters and not Jackson characters.

I mean really.


Or This:

Anyway. It's kinda creepy, cause in the song, "The Departure of Boromir", I can fucking hear Merry and Pippin scream and yell after Boromir is shot. Like, it's not even in my head, their voices are in the track. AND THEN I GET SAYUD.

Urgh. So. The Two Towers will now live in my bathroom for a while. I was planning on reading all of LotR through the summer, but it just ended up as a bathroom thing. I'm too addicted to internets and video games to read anymore. -_-

Also, Jesse:

cloud wolfy thing


So. I finally. Fucking finally get to Nibelheim, I find the clues to open the safe in the ShinRa manor, I finally get the god damn thing open...

And now for the 5th time Lost Number has ended my game.


Y U SO FUKIN HARD TO GET?????????????

It's seriously pissing me off. The boss keeps killing all my people off before I can even heal or revive anyone.

And I refuse, Mutha Fukah, I refuse to use Aerith. I don't use her ever, so her HP is shit. And I don't have her Limit Break that everyone says to use, so it'd just take for fucking ever to get it.

No. I'm not using her. My strongest characters are Cloud, Yuffie, and Nanaki. They also have the highest HP. I'm roaming around the world map to get randoms to level up, but it gets so olllld.

Vincent, baby, you shouldn't be so damn emo in your emo coffin in the first place.

Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk... Massive FFVII rambling.
cloud wolfy thing
So I've gathered the intelligence that if you actually play the original FFVII game, the FanFics about it make a hell of a lot more sense. =D

In which I ranble too fukin muchCollapse )

So anyway. I guess that's all I had to bitch and moan about. When I get farther in the game I'll prolly be back for more. Lol.

ALSO. I mean to do another picspam of The Hobbit production video number two~ =)))))))) And is it just me, or did watching it this time around go by SUPER FUCKING fast? It didn't seem like 10 minutes... but I was still pleased. ^-^

Until next time, nyuk, nyuk, nyuk... *steals your materia and runs away*

(LOL Firefox corrects nyuk as NyQuil. XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD)

tuti doubled heart



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why poodles? -_-
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This week in Asian...
gai thumbs up
*deep inhale*


Oh Naruto... I JUST WANT TO TAKE YOU HOME WITH ME. And feed you, and give you baths, and take you for walks, and keep you in my closet. =w=

AURGH GEEZE. This new chapter...

First off, Sakura saying "this white guy" made me ctfu. I know there's no other way to really translate what she was saying but omfg. xD That's just awesome.

Then, blah blah Boobies and Monster Black man return to HQ blah blah Shikaku is sexy old-ish guy blah blah Bee is still rapping blah blah Madara is pure evil we're just now figuring this out blah blah oh noes they're not our allies they're Zetsu's blah blaaaaahhhhhh....

THEN AWESOME ASS RASENGANS! =D And the tiny one... THE FRIGGIN TINY ONE!!! That was just.... so fucking cute. The little hands on his finger an whatnot. Urgh geeze. I don't care how many people bitch that Naruto's only real self-made jutsu is the Oiroke no Jutsu, he perfected the Rasengan to KICK ASS-NESS.

And then, this bitch, does the "Bring Down the House" wtfever jutsu. T^T Happy tears...

And then it's over. Time to read Bleach. OH WHOOPIE.


Okay it was full of shit, as usual. Goodbye.

Just now reading the new SJ chapters whoo~
naruto =O ♥
Uhm, okay. Glad I waited so long? I just finished Bleach.


WTF. It was going good for a while and now it's just a bunch of random SHIT. URGH.

Random ass Orihime in one up Mario pjs? Isn't there a copyright in there somewhere??

And Ichigo's working out and his cussing reminds me a lot of me. "stupid ass this" and "bitch ass that". Yup. The name thing cracked me up, though, at least.

Then you'd expect Ichigo's fullbring to look a little bit like his Bankai or w/e... So why the fuck does he look like a power ranger reject????? So okay, he has more random clothing than the whoever black chick with the boots. Oh! OH! He looks like he's gonna pull out a sword! That's going to look like Zangetsu or something, AMIRITE? ...no? I'm not? Well gtfo, you look stupid with your random ass fullbring. That's prolly gonna have some random ass name. Which he needs to name "Zangetsu", or I'm done with Bleach. Not really, but I'll be pissed.

And that... one... kid, who's name I can't remember but they were stuck in his video game fullbring is beast. I wish my PSP could do all that shit.

And then, Ichigo gets home. And "LOL OLD TYME FREYUND U WANT C???" make you think that random person Isshin and Kisuke met/conjured would be there right? FUCK NO IT'S SHUU-CHAN DUHHHH. I BET YOU'RE SURPRISED.

>________> Okay fuck this shit I'm gonna read Naruto and bitch about why it's stupid too.

Soooo... the flashback randomly ended, thank fuck.

And Naruto being SUPA KUUL. "He's too fast! But I'll keep trying!!" THAT'S THE WAY TO GO! You'll never fuck up that way. Raikage is like 500 tons of black meat, I doubt he'll beat him, it'll prolly be Bee who beats him... Did use the "bii" sound enough there?

*reads page 17 after more butthurt flashbacks* "OHOHOHOHO FUCK. WHAT. WHAT." Mother bitch I fucking told you so. Bee kicks some major Ass. See? I used the A, cause Raikage is A. Oh w/e... *back to reading*

LMAOOO I just read Naruto's "That was bad ass!". Seems Naruto talks and thinks like me too.

Okay and it's over. Naruto was actually better than Bleach for once.

NAO. I'm gonna go back to watch Ouran. And fuck, I really don't know who my favorite Host is anymore... I love them all. =w= Except Haruhi, maybe. She's cute and all but meeeeh... -_- I like them boiz better.


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